TUBE Kick-Off Meeting, June 2019

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 814978.


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Date: 16.-17.6.2019

Venue: University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland

Group picture of consortium members at the entrance of the University of Eastern Finland

Kick-Off Meeting, 16.6.2019, University of Eastern Finland, TUBE-consortium group picture

Programme pdf-version


AGENDA  Sunday, 16.6.2019

12.40    Bus-transfer from Hotel Scandic to the University

At University: coffee & snacks

13.00    Introduction of the agenda

13.10     Presentation of the project

      •   General introduction
      •   Web-pages
      •   Documents, introduction to rules of EU logos etc.

13.30     Short introduction by partners

14.00     Scientific collaboration in TU  BE

      •   WP- structure and inter-WP collaboration
      •    Input needed from partners within and between the WPs

Short Break

      • Publication policy
      • ABS
      • Milestones and deliverables, due dates
      • Data sharing and storage

15.30      Consortium Agreement

17.30      Bus-transfer from the University to the harbour

* * *

18.00     Boat-transfer from Kuopio harbour to Koivumäki Manor

19.30      Working-Dinner at Koivumäki Manor

22.00     Bus-transfer back to Hotel Scandic


AGENDA Monday, 17.6.2019

08.40     Bus-transfer from Hotel Scandic to the University 

09.00     Introduction of the agenda (recap) & coffee

09.15      Short introduction by partners (present only on Monday)

09.30     Discussion on the formation of:

      • the General Assembly
      • the Executive Board
      • the Scientific Advisory Board

12.00      Lunch

13.30      Presentation of management aspects

14.00     Time and location of the next TUBE meeting

14.30      Any other business

15.00      Farewell coffee

15.30      Bus-transfer from the University to Hotel Scandic